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Property development investments refer to the allocation of capital to finance real estate development projects. These investments can be made by individuals, companies, or institutions with the aim of generating returns through the development, sale, or rental of the developed properties.

General Finance Solutions


All of our investments are asset-backed investment is a type of investment where the underlying asset serves as collateral, investors purchases are backed by a corporate guarantee on the group company which holds all the assets in the form of property


The amount of funding that can be provided will be determined by a professional valuation report that will provide 3 key numbers:

  1. Current value – i.e. the value of the site with planning or the value of the property before refurbishment
  1. Build costs
  1. Gross development value (GDV) – i.e. the value of the completed property(s) assuming all works have completed.

Each lender will have their own lending parameters that determines the maximum that can be lent. At HSK we will lend up to 65% of the current value and 100% of the build costs for all our development loans.

Each deal is assessed individually but the funding must be structured in a way to make sure there is enough funding in place to complete the build in its entirety.