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Property Investing Insights

Our Residential Portfolio includes bespoke homes and substantial residential plots.  

We offer Exclusive Investment Opportunities.


Property Development Investment Insights

Exclusive Investor Opportunities
We offer exclusive access to private developments or investment opportunities to qualified investors who match their predefined criteria.

Typically, these criteria may include factors such as a minimum net worth, a certain level of investment experience, a specific type of investment portfolio, or compliance with certain regulations. Investors who meet these criteria may receive exclusive access to private developments, which could potentially provide them with unique investment opportunities not available to the general public.

If you are an investor looking for exclusive opportunities, it’s essential to do thorough research, consult with financial advisors, and carefully evaluate any investment proposal before committing your funds.

Please contact an experienced investment consultant today.

Below showcases a selection of previous commercial and residential projects.

HSK Property Group AVA Hotel George Street
In the heart of Leicester City Centre a 14 bed hotel with excellent transport links. Yards away from the train station with a journey
Properties in Spencefield Lane had an overall average price of £471,357 over the last 12months. These properties are with excess on £1M. Overall
Detached housed located on the Ashby Glade development provides particularly good access to Leicester City Centre with good local amenities, and transport links. Very
Our construction team has years of experience in building bespoke luxury properties. Our homes our designed to be exceptional and unique with all the
Malpas lies within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Truro River from the city to the village form part of the Malpas Estuary.

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