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Boutique Bedrooms
Leicester City Centre
Birds Eye View
AVA Hotel in Leicester City Centre
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AVA, Leicester City Centre

AVA, 2-4 George Street, Leicester Boutique Hotel

  • 14 Ensuite Bedrooms 
  • Walking distance from Leicester Railway Station
  • High speed Wifi
  • Access to Meeting Hub
  • Restaurant
Raised £2,300,000

2-4 George Street, Boutique Hotel *FULLY FUNDED*

Term Period

2.5 Years

Raise Total


Invest From


Amount Raised


Risk Warning: Returns are not guaranteed Please ensure you read the Information Memorandum in full including the FAQs and Key Risks


We have further commercial properties to invest in including another hotel in North West Leicestershire and the South Coast of England.

Minimum investment opportunities start from £25,000

Please Contact us below for more details

Leicester City Centre

  • The home of sporting heroes for football, rugby and athletes.
  • People from many different cultures
  • The home of a top 10 University 
  • The City is the Heart of the East Midlands 

Leicester City Council Regeneration Article ‘Gateway to the City Centre’

Leicester’s railway station will look modern following a proposed multi-million-pound transformation.


Leicester City Council is planning to restore the historic station building back to its Victorian glory, relocating its main entrance so that it opens onto Station Street and directly faces the city centre.    


Discover the Vibrance of Leicester

  1. Leicester hosts the largest Diwali Festival outside of India
  2. Leicester is the birthplace of modern tourism

I’m sure we’ve all been on a package holiday before, and most people have either heard of or been on holiday with Thomas Cook. However, did you know Thomas Cook himself organised the very first package holiday? A bespoke train trip from Leicester to Loughborough back in 1841.A statue of Thomas Cook, which was unveiled in 1991 to celebrate 150 years since that first trip, can be found outside of Leicester Railway Station today.

  1. Leicester’s market is the largest outdoor covered market in Europe

Right in the heart of the city centre, close to the Clock Tower, you’ll find the largest outdoor covered market in Europe. 

  1. Leicester hosts the largest Comedy Festival in Europe

First taking place in 1994. The 2022 festival had an incredible line-up of more than 560 shows and 800 performances across 64 venues. It has also been dubbed as one of the best comedy festivals in the world!

  1. We’re the Kings of Crisps

Who hasn’t had a packet of Walkers crisps right? But did you know the famous crisp brand is from Leicester? The Walkers Crisps factory is still based in Leicester and currently produces 11 million bags of crisps a day!

  1. Leicestershire is home to the Pork Pie & Stilton Cheese

It’s pretty obvious that Red Leicester cheese comes from Leicester, but did you know that famous delicacies the Melton Mowbray pork pie and Stilton cheese are also from Leicestershire?  

  1. Leicester is one of England’s oldest cities

Leicester’s history dates back more than 2000 years. Romans encountered an Iron Age settlement in Leicester in the 1st or 2nd century BC. 

  1. We’ve been ‘Painting the Town Red’ since 1837

We’ve all either heard of or used the expression ‘painting the town red’ but did you know this common phrase is thought to have originated in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
 9. A King Found in a Car Park

When Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, his body was unceremoniously buried at Grey Friars Church and all but forgotten about. The destruction of the monastery at the hands of the Reformation further ensured that his grave would be lost forever.
10. The University of Leicester is the birthplace of DNA fingerprinting

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys discovered the technique in 1984 at his laboratory in the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester.

  1. We are home to the National Space Centre

Leicester is the UK’s leading location for the space industry. We are home to the National Space Centre, a museum and educational resource covering the fields of space science and astronomy, along with a space research programme in partnership with the University of Leicester. 

  1. Leicester is an Elite Sporting City

Just like many cities across England we are obsessed with sport, but did you know we are the only city outside of London which is home to a Premier League football club (Leicester City, 2015/16 Premier League Champions), Premiership rugby club (Leicester Tigers) and a first-class county cricket club (Leicestershire County Cricket Club).

  1. Leicester has one of the largest concentrations of textile firms in the country

Did you know Leicester is of the UK’s largest textiles and fashion clusters? With 1,500 firms in the City & County, we have the second largest concentration of textile firms in the country. The textiles manufacturing sector was at the heart of Leicester and Leicestershire’s economic development throughout the 19th and 20th century and there are still some big companies based here today.  Clothing brand based in Leicestershire is NEXT.